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February 27, 2004

The Geek Wedding

An excerpt from an email communication between bride and groom concerning choice of wedding cakes and font-face for invitation:

No comparison, really. Except, of course, in cost ($56)...

But really gorgeous.

I've called a few cake places. I had been imagining a cake that looked like stacked books, but that's custom and gets pricy (at least few hundred more than the $400 budgeted). I've found a place, however, that does an opened-book cake (like the kind that has a cheesy message written on it), for $250 or so. Is it worth being a stickler on this sort of thing?

We can talk more tomorrow...


At 03:25 PM 2/27/2004 -0500, you wrote:
This is what I'm gonna, what I've been looking for for awhile.

The baskerville punches and matrices were lost shortly after baskerville's death, then rediscoverd much later and given to the Cambridge Press. Many modern typesetters have made digital versions, all more or less altering the spirit of the original to meet current sensibilities. Isaac Moore made a nice imitation for the Fry Foundry not long after Baskerville became famous. Until now, that variation, called Baskerville Old Face (you used to occasionally get it with MS Word) was the closest you could get to the way baskerville's type actually looked on paper 250 years ago.

This guy, Lars, finally has given me exactly what I wanted, an electronic version of exactly what Baskerville was using to print his great folio bible (or at least as close as I'll ever get).

The Baskerville 1757 type http://www.fountain.nu/catalogue/baskerville1757.asp

About the Baskerville Old Face


At linotype you can compare Old Face to other modern baskerville versions. The difference is immediately, glaringly obvious to me. Try comparing it to the other EF Baskervilles.



Oh yeah, we're book people.

Posted by Keeper of the Blog at February 27, 2004 04:46 PM

i'm not going......

Posted by: booshay at February 27, 2004 05:09 PM