FN:Robert H. W. Wolfe
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Welcome to my personal website. As you may have guessed I'm a librarian by trade and I design metadata implementations for electronic information resources. One of my favorite metadata schemes is the IEEE Standard for Learning Object Metadata (1484.12.1). The LOM is organized into nine categories, the third of which is Metametadata. Instead of describing the object itself, the Metametadata category captures information about the metadata record (hence metametadata). The information it captures is the unique label of the metadata record in the catalog, who created the record, what metadata scheme was used, and the primary language of the record. Being the subject of many metametadata.contribute.entity elements, it seems an acceptable conceit to me to organize this presentation of myself using an instance of metametadata.

There are four major content areas to this site corresponding to the four child elements of the metadata category.

Identifier is where I'm going to put all the cool stuff.

Contribute is all about me and the help I get from my friends.

Metadataschema is where you can go should you have some unexplainable urge to learn all about learning object metadata.

Language is where I put all the boilerplate.

<!--My apologies to the members of the IEEE LTSC WG12: Learning Object Metadata for the liberties I have taken with IEEE 1484.12.1-->